06.01.2024 – IYA at LNR Radion

This LNR New Year’s edition we included you as our co-curator by submitting your favourite local artist.

‘The People Have Spoken’ and we couldn’t have made a better choice.
This is YOUR lineup, curated with the local artists that all of you love dearly:

Dominika Karaszewska
Floor de Roos
Jorge Fons
Oleg Ponomarev
Remco Beekwilder
Romens Dawn
Stef de Haan

LNR – Local Night RADION, a night showcasing local artists – led by our Head of Program Ici and Marketing Communication team Isabelle and Jan, has proven to be a RADION concept pur sang. It is the place where the entire Rave community comes together to meet and connect. An evening where RADION invites their national heroes, a breeding space for up-and-coming local talents and a place to mingle and network.